We provide the following taxation services to our clients.


Personal income tax

The arrival of self-assessment and online Tax Returns via Revenue Online Service (ROS) brings a responsibility for you to calculate and declare the amount of tax you are due to pay against your Income and Capital Gains annually. You can minimise the amount of tax you pay - what you need is up to date knowledge of the tax allowances and reliefs available to you - and knowledge of how to use them. Our team of Taxation experts at O'Connell Meskill & Company will make sure that you don't pay any more money to the tax man than you are required to.

We'll also take the initiative to kick off your personal tax planning well in advance, and let you know what level of tax your are likely to have to pay, allowing you to budget accordingly. We also advise on your annual additional voluntary contributions to your pension fund, to help secure your future finances. By using O'Connell Meskill & Company to prepare your annual Income Tax Return, you are leaving all of the paperwork and calculations to us - what you receive is the knowledge that your tax return is filed correctly and on time and that your tax liability is optimised to benefit you.


Capital gains tax

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) comes into play as you transfer assets between family members or simply sell them. You are taxed on the amount of profit you make. The level of CGT you pay is not set in stone - you can choose to keep more or less of your profits. The key is to know about the different methods you can use to reduce your CGT bill, and when to employ them. The Tax team at O'Connell Meskill & Company keep themselves up to date on the multitude of devices you can use to minimise the amount of CGT you pay.

From claiming eligible reliefs, to scheduling the right time for the sale and making use of all possible exemptions - we will plan ahead for you and prepare the best possible outcome on your behalf. Plus, we'll agree your CGT liability with Revenue and file all the necessary paperwork. All you have to do is come to us for assistance; we are here to gain the maximum benefit for you.


Corporation tax

The Corporation Tax Self Assessment scheme places the onus on you to calculate and declare the amount of tax payable on the profits of your company. You are legally required to deliver a Preliminary Tax and Corporation Tax return and payment within the specified timescales. The amount of Corporation Tax you pay shouldn't be a surprise to you - and with adequate forward planning it need not be. It is possible to project forward and calculate what your next tax bill will amount to. By engaging O'Connell Meskill & Company to manage your Corporation Tax returns, not only do you gain the advantage of our highly experienced Taxation team, but you are also assured of the peace of mind that the filing of your returns will be made correctly and on time. We will be in regular touch with you during the year to assist with planning the level of tax payable, so that you have full knowledge and can organise your cashflow accordingly.

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