Audit-and-Assurance Value added tax services

There are two elements to managing Value Added Tax. Firstly, VAT can be a factor, particularly with ever changing legislation, as part of a single or one-off transaction, such as the acquisition or disposal of a property or restructuring of a business. At O'Connell Meskill & Company we strongly advise you to seek advice prior to entering in to any transaction, as often conditions must be met before this takes place - and usually cannot be reversed.

Significant savings might be made if the structure of your transaction/business considers the VAT implications at the outset. To take advantage of these possible savings, you should consider our VAT consultancy services. Our services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. Our consultants will work as closely as possible with you to ensure that the advice we give is both clear and cost-effective. We can provide valuable planning advice which minimises VAT costs and maximises VAT recovery.

Secondly, for VAT registered traders there have been many recent changes in the structure and timing of returns, along with changes in rates.

At O'Connell Meskill & Company we can maintain your VAT records on a bi-monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis and prepare and file your returns with Revenue on time every time to avoid any penalties or surcharges for late returns. Our VAT team, through years of experience are highly skilled in VAT compliance and can monitor you returns to ensure VAT is only processed on invoices which meet Revenue guidelines.

By using O'Connell Meskill & Company to process your VAT, it allows you more time to concentrate on your building and maintaining your day to day business, while retaining the peace of mind that your VAT affairs are in good hands. 

To set up a meeting to discuss your planned transactions and their VAT implications or to engage O'Connell Meskill & Company to maintain your VAT records, please call John Meskill on 051-873985 or email