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Changes in shopping behaviour due to food inflation

By January 13, 2023No Comments

Irish people are changing their shopping behaviour and their attitudes toward food and drink, according to detailed new consumer research prepared for Bord Bia.

The research shows more people are shopping for essentials, meat purchases are being cut except for chicken, and consumers say shopping lists are more important in recent months.

Throughout last year the cost of living has soared, and food inflation intensified. The research from Bord Bia, to promote and market Irish food, shows how people reacted.

The survey of 10,000 people was conducted in Ireland, the UK, the US, Germany and France.

Breakout figures for this country show 35% of people say they are just surviving financially and 40% say they are comfortable but cautious. A total of 69% say they are worse-off than 12 months ago, and 64% think things will worsen further.

Against that backdrop the survey finds a new emphasis on buying essentials as much as possible with consumers even refining what they deem essential.

Red meat and seafood purchases have all slowed down, but people are buying 15% more chicken, as it is viewed as better value for money and a more versatile product.

The number buying treats for the family are down 19 percentage points, and a majority of people say they are going to restaurants and cafés less.

Just under half of Irish respondents say they buy less takeaway for consumption at home.

The survey also finds 54% of people in Ireland consider making a shopping list, and sticking to it has become more important in recent months.

In this, Irish people stand out as just over 40% across the other countries surveyed consider using lists.

More than half of Irish shoppers now go to multiple outlets to shop and many are switching to own brand labels for the best value. The research also shows more consumers are preparing food from scratch at home, and there is a new emphasis on food with longer shelf life.

Purchases of frozen foods are going up and 56% of Irish consumers say minimizing food waste is more important in recent months.

From today, seminars on the research findings for food and drinks companies that Bord Bia works with will take place.

Article Source: Changes in shopping behaviour due to food inflation – Joe Mag Raollaigh – RTE

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