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Unions and employers call for inclusive workplaces

By March 21, 2023No Comments

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions and business group Ibec have released a joint statement to mark International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

The two organisations say they are recommitting themselves to the elimination of racism and discrimination in the workplace.

The joint statement outlines that Ireland now has a diverse labour market with migrants and people from ethnic minorities playing key roles across the economy and public services, particularly in the health service.

ICTU and Ibec said that while huge strides have been made in terms of equality legislation, research shows that more work is needed to enhance the experience of migrants and ethnic minorities in workplaces.

A 2021 report from the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission found that Travellers, Roma people, migrants and refugees are more likely to face restrictions in accessing the labour market, have lower pay and are more exposed to work-related inequality and discrimination.

“We must remain vigilant to racism, harassment and racial discrimination and ensure that it has no place in our workplaces, and that it is not allowed to be part of any narrative or to undermine the positive actions undertaken,” said Danny McCoy, CEO of Ibec.

“To do this requires us not to be complacent, to listen and to address attitudes and behaviours, and to look at our policies and practices to ensure our workplaces are proactively embedding diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Owen Reidy, ICTU General Secretary, said that there is a small number of very vocal groups organising to sew hate and division among communities and workplaces.

“We are confident that the vast majority of Irish people do not support them and stand for an inclusive and democratic Ireland,” Mr Reidy said.

“We commit to building solidarity between working people of all backgrounds and to work towards ensuring that their message never gains mainstream traction in our communities and workplaces.”

Article Source: Unions and employers call for inclusive workplaces – Brian O’Donovan – RTE

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