An audit is the review of the financial statements of a company by an independent third party, leading to a report on whether or not those financial statements are reliable. The main purpose of an audit is to provide reassurance to your shareholders, lenders, creditors and funding partners. At O’Connell Meskill & Company Waterford, we believe that your audit should provide a greater return than this.

Clarity and reassurance from the start

First of all, we will discuss the audit process with you so that you can understand what we are doing and how it assists us with our work. We will also discuss how we will work with you to meet all of the statutory obligations relevant to your specific industry, such as IFSRA for the Insurance industry or POBAL for publicly funded entities. You’ll have the opportunity to tell us about anything specific that you want from our review and agree your role in the process.

We will set out a timetable with you at the beginning, so that your expectations of us and our expectations of you are clear and agreed in advance, leading to an efficient and productive audit.

Insightful recommendations following your audit

Not only will your statutory obligations be met, but you will also benefit from our review. Our auditors have insight into best practice across a range of industries and can highlight particular strengths or weaknesses in your operations and provide you with a series of recommendations to assist in improving your business processes. As part of our review of internal controls, we can also offer suggestions on operational elements of your business which may be at risk or consuming too many resources.

Our audit team has particular expertise in the audit of Insurance Companies and Not-for-Profit and Publicly Funded entities, and we are happy to discuss your individual needs, without obligation.

You’ll leave your audit review meeting with meaningful information and an action plan to improve your business systems, your decision making and most importantly, your results.

To set up a meeting to discuss O’Connell Meskill & Company being appointed as your first Auditor or taking over from your existing auditor, please contact Rachel Farrell or John Meskill on 051 873985 or email –


An audit is the review of the financial statements of a company by an independent third party, leading to a report on whether or not those financial statements are reliable.

Accounts Preparation

The preparation of financial statements for clients is our core business and is a requirement for all entities, sole traders, partnerships or limited companies.

Value Added Tax

There are two elements to managing Value Added Tax. Firstly, VAT can be a factor, particularly with ever changing legislation, as part of a single or one-off transaction, such as the acquisition or disposal of a property or restructuring of a business.

Company Secretarial

O’Connell Meskill & Company can let you focus on the big and important issues involved in running your business and let you confidently delegate the regulatory elements to avoid the potential penalties that non-compliance brings.

Business Advisory

O’Connell Meskill & Company provides a range of services which can improve the success of your business and maximise its resources.


At O’Connell Meskill & Company, we can assume responsibility for your bookkeeping in whatever format that works best for your business.


O’Connell Meskill & Company has a team of Payroll specialists, highly trained and up to date with the changing Payroll legislation.

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